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The Silver Gate  (Book 1 of The Gates Trilogy)


Nora Havard is counting down the days of her senior year till she can leave her small hometown of Ferndale, California. For three years she's been plagued with dark episodes of unexplainable dread that only ease when she is away from home, but now, 186 school days stand between her and a normal life away at college.  


On the last day of summer vacation before her senior year, Nora stumbles upon a dead body, starting a strange chain of events that unravel the secrets of her parents' past. A world of magic, mythical creatures, and ancient power struggles loom over her and destroy her chance at a normal life. Now, she must learn what she's capable of, whom she can trust, and why someone from beyond the Gate is threatening the lives of everyone she loves.


(Publication date TBD / Working Cover)

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